Groupe de conjoints américains

en anglais seulement (in English only)

What is our group about?

We are a social organization of active duty military, spouses, and family as well as a few Canadian friends. We are dedicated to friends, familiy and fellowship through activities, events and charity.

Throughout the year we plan monthly social activities including fundraisers, meals and / or group dinners and activities. We offer opportunities to meet other spouses, get out and see the local community and make lasting friendships. 

Active Membership - CAD $50
for spouses of active duty, reserve or guard personnel and unacoompanied active duty, reserve or guard personnel. 

Associate Membership - CAD $50
for spouses of all retired military personnel, spouses of civil service employees, active or retired. Widows or widowers of military personnel or civil service employees.

Social Membership - CAD $50
for partner or adult relative who resides permanently with a military member and adults who possess valid ID cards as dependants of active duty or retired military 

Honorary Members - CAD $00
Not sure if you fit in one of the above categories but still want to me a member? Submit an application and you will be considered by the Board. 

Find us on Facebook: U.S. Winnipeg Det, PEP and Friends.

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