Renseignements généraux

Renseignements généraux

General information

1 - Register method

To register for any of the activities offered by the Community Recreation Department, you must go directly to the Sports Center (building 516) or, for PSL members, online at / It is important to have with you the health insurance number of the participant as well as his PSL card to take advantage of the preferential rate. No telephone reservation will be accepted. Registration priority will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Prices are subject to change without notice.

2 - Disclaimer
All participants enrolled in a high-risk course by our insurer will be required to sign the CLAIMS, ACCEPTANCE OF RISKS AND COMPENSATION CLAIMS prior to the start of classes in order to formalize their enrollment, failing which they will not be able to participate in the course. activity.

3 - Quota activites
The number of registrations is limited for certain activities in order to ensure the quality and smooth running. The Community Recreation Department reserves the right to schedule an activity and make changes to the schedule.

4 - Cancellation of activity
An activity can be canceled at 5 days notice if the minimum number of registrations is not reached. People registered for this activity will be contacted by telephone and reimbursed in full

5 - Extracurricular activites
For after-school extracurricular activities, the Val-cartier Community Recreation Department transports children to the location of their activity. Parents must pick up their children instead of the activity at the end of the activity.

6 - Terms of paiment
The registration fee must be paid in full at registration. It is possible to pay by cash, debit card, credit card, or check (no post dated check will be accepted) or by pre-authorized payment on the 30th day of each month (credit card or check).

The check must be made payable to "Gestion Valcartier", dated the day of registration and contain the following information on the back:
  • If the payer is from the same family as a member (spouse or child): Member's name, service number and address.
  • If the payer does not have a family relationship with a member: Date of birth of the ayor
7 - Taxes
GST and QST are not included in the cost of activities

8 - Refund policy*
Requests for refund must be sent in writing together with the refund form and supporting documents such as a copy of the doctor's note, posting message, transfer or assignment to a course, to the direction of the Community Recreation Department. For all refund requests, an administration fee of 10% will be retained, in addition to the membership fees to sports federations when they apply, except in case of cancellation of the activity by Community Recreation Department. Failure to attend an activity does not constitute an abandonment. In the case where the request is made during the session, only the residual proportion of the activity can be refunded. In the case of a subscription refund, the current month will be lost. Reimbursement will be granted for one of the following reasons:
  • Course cancellation by the Community Recreation Department;
  • Member's withdrawal 5 days before the start of the class or day of activities.
  • Injury, illness, transfer or military career courses.
  • No transfer or credit is allowed.
The refund will be made by check within 30 working days.  
9 - Late fees
After the registration period, a supplement of 10% will be added to the regular price of the activities. The supplement may vary depending on the type of course or activity.
rès la période d’inscription, un supplément de 10 % sera ajouté au prix régulier des activités. Le supplément peut varier selon le type de cours ou d’activités.

10 - Tax Credit * 
The federal and provincial governments provide a tax credit for a child's enrollment in a program of physical, artistic, cultural, recreational or developmental activities.

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* To receive the receipt in a timely manner, all information in your Book King user account and that of your children must be fully completed.

* For any request for a reissue of a receipt due to incorrect data, a $ 10 administration fee will be required.

11 - Information
For additional information:
Community Recreation Department, Building 516 (Sports Center)
418 844-5000, extension 5226, between 9 am and 9:30 pm
The Castor Center, Building 611
418 844-3272, between 7 am and 4 pm