About us

About community recreation's

Community Recreation’s mission is to help the military community stay healthy by making activities available that ease the mental fatigue, stress and frustrations that are sometimes a part of day-to-day work. 

Community Recreation plays an important role in developing new areas of interest and holding new activities to stimulate personal fulfillment, teach new skills, provide people with a social outlet and help them channel energy in a positive way. 

The Community Recreation Department is in charge of:
  • the Sports and Recreation Plan;
  • free activities schedule;
  • day camp and spring break camp;
  • aquatic, artistic, cultural, community, after school, sports and physical fitness programs;
  • an annual events schedule;
  • providing support to all types of recreational clubs;
  • a variety of family activities and thematic days.
HIGH FIVE’s Quality Standard
Our instructors, coaches, volunteers and all parties working for the Base Valcartier Community Recreation Department are committed to provide superior quality programming for chil-dren 6 to 12 years enrolled in recreation et sports programs.

HIGH FIVE’s quality standard ensures your child’s experience with sport and recreation will be safe, unique and age appro-priate. It also ensures your child will have a positive expe -rience – and leave the program smiling!
That way, your child will experience:
  • participation: fair opportunities for everyone;
  • play: just having fun;
  • mastery: learning new skills and being successful;
  • friends: opportunities to make and build friendships;
  • a caring adult: an instructor or coach who shows warmth and genuine interest in all the children
To contact us
Building 516 and 93, Base Valcartier Telephone numbers: 418-844-5000
  • Administration: ext 4079
  • Sports Centre front desk: ext 5226
  • Community Centre front desk (after 4:30 p.m.): ext 3924
  • Community Recreation Manager: ext 7690
  • Coordinator – Services: ext 4138
  • Supervisor – Services: ext 3466
  • Coordinator – Sports and Fitness: ext 3923
  • Instructor – Sports and Fitness: ext 7282 or 3363
  • Aquatic Instructor: ext 3078
  • Coordinator – Community Recreation: ext 3852
  • Supervisor – Children and Youth: ext 4311
  • Supervisor – Events: ext 8143
To learn about our program schedule, check the current recreation program.
To register, visit www.bk.cfpsa.com/valcartierpub
You can also follow us on www.facebook.com/loisirsvalcartier