Outdoor Pursuits

Outdoor Pursuits

The focal point of the Outdoor Pursuits Club is the Northern Lodge located near Bon Echo Provincial Park on beautiful Lake Shabomeka, outside the town of Cloyne.

Northern Lodge consists of 6 rustic cabins which are each equipped with a fridge, stove and beds for six. The main lodge houses a kitchen area, main meeting room and shower facilities. Try your luck fishing on the lake or take a 1 km hike to McDowell Lake and catch your limit of brookies. Snowmobilers will appreciate the massive annual snowfall in the area and the miles of groomed trails and frozen lakes. Northern Lodge is open to military community and no longer belonging to the club. For more information www.cafconnection.ca/Trenton/Facilities/Wing-Accommodations/Northern-Lodge.aspx

What is Geocaching?: Geocaching is essentially scavenger hunting for adults. As a group, or solo, you use a GPS unit to adventure into either an urban or natural environment and search for the “cache.” This can be anything from a tupperware container holding nothing but a logbook, to ammo canisters full of trinkets. It is a great way to get out moving around, and have fun while doing it.
How does the club work?: Either participate in organized group events such as “Intro to Geocaching,” or sign out a GPS unit already loaded with our favourite caches and head out on your own. Don’t forget to return them though, each loan period only lasts a week!
Who can answer my questions?: Send an email to Avr Peter Aboud for any further inquiries about the activity, event ideas, or the like.
Happy Hunting!
The Archery chapter, of the 8 Wing Outdoor Pursuits Club, offers a chance for people that have a passion for archery to come together and hone their skills. Members of the club will have access to an indoor archery range on Base. Targets and backstops are rated for 90lb compound bows. In the future the club will be providing youth equipment so that members can teach their children. The Archery chapter will befully insured through the Ontario Archery Association. Once a facility has been approved; Organized events will take place at an indoor range Thursdays and Sundays 7-9.  The club plans to get some OAA instructors to teach members archery. As well as join in the competitions offered by the OAA.
The purpose of the Equestrian Club is to promote the sport of equine riding/driving/handling through safety, public awareness and respect for the environment and equines. We are predominantly a military oriented group that enjoys riding equines and having fun, with a further goal of promoting rider cooperation, such as shared information, with other riders and equestrian professionals (such as veterinarians, farriers, trainers, etc.)
At the moment, our chapter is purely for information purposes and is most tailored towards those who are getting posted into the area who already have horses, those in the area with horses who want to make connections, and those who are interested in local lesson/riding programs that facilities in the area offer. Our plans for the future (long term) include establishment of a DIY riding facility to include an indoor and outdoor riding arena, stalls, paddocks, and a youth work program in conjunction with the Hastings County District Board high school work curriculum where students put in hours in exchange for credit. In the short term, I would like to begin meetings of the equestrian chapter to talk about equine matters in the local community and hold mini-clinics that have an educational value.
The mission of the Outdoor Pursuits Club Fishing chapter is to instill values for the conservation of natural resources while promoting fishing as a competitive sport.

Staying true to Canadian values, we will promote fellowship and recreation in a family oriented environment. We will strive to improve our skills and help develop the skills of others through the exchange of angling techniques, and ideas.
Our purpose is to stimulate public awareness of fishing as a major sport. To improve our skills as anglers through the exchange of idea and techniques, to promote and encourage youth fishing and a love for this great sport.

Staying true to Canadian values, we will instill in ourselves and others who come into contact with us, courtesy, honesty, sportsmanship, good conservation practices, and a desire to perpetuate quality fishing.

We will detect and report any polluter/poacher and call public and political attention to that crime.

All-Terrain Vehicles:
Chapter is currently dormant due that the OPI was posted out. If you would like to submit your name for the OPI please email 8WingOutdoorPursuits@intern.mil.ca..