Freelance/Contract Work Resources

Want to start working as an independent Freelancer but don’t know where to start? Here are some resources to help you get started and stay on the right track.  

Online Work Platforms: A great way to get started as a Freelancer is to use an Online Work platform to find projects and clients. There are many online work platforms out there; here are a few of the largest ones in Canada: (Note that all Online Work Platforms have different fees associated with using them) 
  • Upwork Blog: Upwork, a leading online work platforms, offers the latest information on remove work, freelancing trends and its own company developments. (English Only)
  • Freelancer Blog: Freelancer, a leading online work platform, offers guides, tutorials, tips and resources for your business and career. (English Only)
  • Pige Québec Blog: Resources for Québec freelancers and entrepreneurs. (French only)
  • Policy Horizons Canada-The Future of Work Video: This short video outlines how the way Canadians work is changing and what we can potentially expect in the future.