Remembrance Day

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6 novembre 2019 - Padre Evelien Martin-Brulleman, Chaplain, Saint-Jean Garrison

It is an honour for me to write an article this month.

This 11 of November, we remember the fallen soldiers who gave their lives to save others. I was born in Holland and I am Dutch. My family remembers so well what happened in 1945: We were freed by the Canadian army!

This fall, the Dutch Royal family will mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of their country by thanking Canadians with the (larger than normal) gift of 100,000 tulips! They will be planted this fall and will bloom next spring; their bulbs will be branded Liberation75 in honour of this.  

The Netherlands will never forget that they were set free of captivity by the Canadians. More than 7 200 Canadians were lost in the final months of the Second World War. Dutch schoolchildren honour the Canadian soldiers by visiting their graves. In addition to teaching them the history of our countries, this will help them to never forget and to never repeat the horrors of war.

Military chaplains (and civilians) will take part in different ceremonies for Remembrance Day on November 11. It is an honour to be present and to remember the courage and the sacrifice these men and women and their families gave in various wars and significant moments of history. The chaplain is a precious gift in these difficult moments and is a support for all when needed. The Padre will offer a prayer—a reflection—in the memory and honour of fallen brothers in arms.

May God be a very present help and support for all those who have lost loved ones in the past. He gave his life up for all, he gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we could receive life, forgiveness, comfort, hope, healing, and, most of all, perfect love. May we never forget!                 
Thank you for your service!

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